How to use Social Media Even When You Dislike it

Posted by - Bess Obarotimi

I hated Facebook in the beginning. You probably can’t believe that. Social Media is my job. Still, I didn’t want all those people knowing my business and I didn’t know how to be engaging. I have since gotten around my digital, social ineptness.

People get quite anxious about using social media for the first time. They’re too concerned about how their lives will compare to others. They think they live boring lives, that no one will be interested.  Trouble is, if they don’t post anything, they’ll miss a trick.

If you’re serious about social media, start using it. Stop worrying about how pretty you can make everything look. It really isn’t as important as you think to amass followers. Don’t worry about who is or who isn’t following you.

People openly admit to not wanting to put in the hard work. They don’t want to spend all day on social media. Well, if you want your business to grow, you’re going to have to use it, a lot.

Social media is hard work but that is the worst reason not to use it.

2.Don’t be afraid to try something new

If you’re not going to take social media serious in this day and age you really are causing your business some damage.

If you don’t think your life or business measures up to everyone else’s you’re thinking about the wrong things.  Figure out what you’ve got, that no one else has. Share that part of your business or life and capitalise on it.

 I need to clarify why I use the word life. For you to capture the attention of your audience, you’re going to have to share something that looks like real life. Social media has becomes one big reality show.

If your concern is, you don’t have the technology, you’re not looking hard enough. There are great apps these days to create some amazing content. I have a video here where I share some apps that you MUST download today on to your phone. Watch and learn from this video. You can start creating some fantastic artwork and photography for all the platforms

I believe you’ve got to have a nose for social media. You’ve got to be able to decide what will get you attention. If you haven’t got natural intuition for social media, you’re going to have to start building it by testing things out. Anything that doesn’t go right, don’t do it again.

It takes guts and resilience and is incredibily admirable to step out of your comfort zone. So, get your content out there and start getting noticed.

Plan Ahead. When you write down your daily to-do lists, add allowance for moments where you take selfies and live videos.

Social Media Planning Tip


Who knows what they’re teaching in the marketing seminars at Universities these days. It’s been a minute since I was there. All I know is, it should be social media. Social media IS marketing these days.

Social media isn’t a place you share content to every so often because that’s the  done thing. Just being on social media isn’t enough. It’s bigger than that. Think of social media as the way you are marketing your business. Use it to build a brand, to attract markets and grow. Understand that social media is business.

I’d say think about social media every day. If you are on your phone, if you are logging into Facebook or Instagram or Twitter or any of the other platforms and you have a business, you do not have an excuse not to be sharing content that will add value to your audiences. Fact!

Don’t waste time. Make social media a part of your strategy. Use the tools you have right in your hand to grow.


When I’m give a pep talk to people who dislike or are struggling to use social media as a self promotion tool, I remind them of what they are trying to achieve. I believe that being successful is everyone’s ultimate goal in business. Success isn’t just a monetary aspiration. It’s about achieving your dreams, living out your purpose, sharing your gifts with people and making a difference in the world. It seems lofty but go ahead. Search within you the reason why you decided to start your own business.

The world works differently these days. People want more out of life. People are in tune with their life’s purpose and what they want to achieve. People are feeling like they have a higher calling in life. But that won’t happen if you hide behind your aversion to social media. Seriously, social media allows you to connect globally.

The answer to living the life you dream of is literally in your hands. Such a small device as a mobile phone can help you realise so much. You have one life. Give it the best you’ve got.

It’s incredible. Social media is allowing businesses that begin with zero capital go international. You can find clients in countries where it would never have been possible before. Social media has opened up niche markets at a fraction of the cost. It has created jobs that never existed. Making money for yourself rather than working for someone else is common  place these days. People are building Fortune 500 businesses from ground zero. Don’t waste that opportunity.

 Arm yourself with all the tools and techniques you need to get social media right. Read the blogs on this website. Use Google. Book a place on my calendar if you like and I’ll give you 1-2-1 help, and do not miss out.

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