How we used patience to Get Over 25000 Fans

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So I haven’t done a video for a hot minute. I’ve been focused on running the workshops, meetings, client work, the Rachel and Bess show but I’m slotting in some time before I head off to another meeting.

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How we used patience to Get Over 25000 Fans


OK, so I love social media because I think it gives us the opportunity to spread our message, share our talents and create opportunities where they may not have existed.

And, I think once you have decided to be visible on social media and create content, the question of, “How do I attract loyal customers?” faces you.

Still, some times I feel like the ‘like button’ causes us to lose focus and we start thinking about getting likes and not about delivering what we came here to do. It should be about attracting fans who like us for the content that we create – attracting genuinely interested fans.

I have had countless discussions with people about how many likes they did or did not get on some content. They share how they are going to start doing this trick or that trick to get more likes by social media fans. They lack the patience to focus on creating valuable content and instead strive to do anything that will get more ‘likes’ quickly.

Let me tell you something – I have been doing this for years. And I am not saying that to brag. I am saying it because well number one, I do want you to know that I know what I’m doing – that I’ve got the t-shirt.  Also, when I started in Content Marketing, I read a lot of books about content marketing strategy and writing content and sales psychology and persuasive copy and all of that. And I still read those books because it’s excellent knowledge to have. Content creators need that insight. However with all the knowledge and the experience there has been one aspect that has led to success – patience.

How one brand easily amassed almost 30, 000 fans with patience


One of our long-standing and loyal clients (we love working with them) had zero fans when we came on board. It’s been three years since we’ve been managing their social platforms. Over that time, they have grown a collective digital community across three platforms – Twitter, Facebook and Instagram of about 25 – 30k followers.

However, this brand’s followers are more than that. They are very active fans, who comment, like and share content.

The fans don’t engage because they are supporting the brand, or because we bought engagement. Neither is the brand a part of a group where everyone agrees to like and comment on each other’s content. This brand’s fans enjoy the content and ask for more.

During the first year and a half of managing content for the brand, we were only on Facebook and Twitter. We then decided it was time to build a brand presence on Instagram.

After about six months we had about 400 fans. During a meeting, the CEO said to me, “I want to close Instagram down; it’s not working, 400 fans are not enough.” I had to say, “Don’t do that. Let’s wait. We’ve only got 400 fans but have you seen the conversations that these fans are having? The fans love the content, and we have a higher engagement rate than on Facebook right now. Let’s exercise patience.”

A year later, that brand has close to 9000 fans on Instagram. And actually, this is one of the brands that has not been affected by Instagram changing the rules. Neither are they experiencing decreased engagement. For this brand, engagement is going higher.

Forget the magic tricks. Have patience


To achieve that level of growth, we’ve played no tricks. We’ve not tried to create content solely to get likes and followers. We have achieved high levels of organic growth – that’s growth where people have followed off their own back by posting valuable, authentic content and with patience.

Unlike many brands we observe on the socials, this brand is not part of a follower group. Unsurprisingly the founder, doesn’t know 9000 people or even the cumulative community of 25000 people. All we did was create valuable content every single day, and the communities on the socials grew. We also had patience. All it takes for a brand to grow is to create compelling content every day and patience.

It makes me incredibly happy when we post a video on IGTV, and it gets thousands of views and then obviously more fans.

You have to be patient. Patience, as well as valuable content, is the name of the game- the nuts and bolts of building your business using the socials. Yes, it’s nice to have all these extra skills such as persuasive copywriting, graphic design, video editing, speaking skills, acting. Still, when it comes down to it, audiences want you to give them content that solves their problems. All you must have is patience while the momentum builds. You’ll be more likely to attract fans who are likely to buy your products when you focus on giving them the content they want.

If I had to sum up the ‘get 10000 fans workshop’ all that I’ve said is all that I am going to teach you – how to share consistent quality content. Even if you don’t spend the ten pounds registering on the workshop, all you have got to do is this – create content, then have patience.

On the workshop, I will be detailing the type of content I create, how, when and why. But, all you need is to have is patience and you must deliver consistent valuable content.

So go and begin creating content, don’t miss a day. Share your passion, live your dreams and build your business.

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