I’m Not the Only One – Let’s Talk Instagram Authenticity and Reach

The Puzzling World of Instagram Reach

I recently stumbled upon something really intriguing. Just a few days ago, I was discussing the peculiarities of Instagram reach. You see, my follower count has been hovering around 3,500, and oddly enough, it’s even started to decline. In the post I shared, I mentioned that I laughed it off, thinking, “It’s the algorithm doing its thing,” and I didn’t delve much deeper.

The Mental Toll of Algorithm Changes

I’ve been in this game long enough to know that obsessing over algorithm changes can take a toll on you, both mentally and emotionally. The key, as I’ve always believed, is to focus on creating stellar content. That is what has worked.

A Common Struggle Among Creators

However, this morning, I came across a thread that really made me think. A guy was talking about how Instagram’s current dynamics are discouraging people from posting and engaging. Underneath his post, there were comments from users with 11,000 followers getting just 40 likes – a stark drop from the hundreds they used to receive. Even those 40 likes seemed like a stretch. Others were experiencing exactly what I had mentioned in my blog article, where posting content resulted in a loss of followers.

Reflecting on Authenticity and Attention-Seeking

It’s somewhat comforting to know that I am not the only one. Although I can’t get it out of my head that if someone unfollows me, they’re not a good fit. They don’t like my content, and they are not my customers. That’s cool. But now, I see it’s a common struggle. Albeit, I think it’s down to what audiences want – a decline in following and reach is a struggle nonetheless.

This situation brings up a critical point about content creation for attention. Some creators go to great lengths to grab those eyeballs – sometimes in ways that don’t resonate with everyone. And this relentless pursuit of attention can actually turn people off from social media. I mean, is it really a ‘Get Ready With Me’ if you don’t start off in your underwear? This kind of content, often in the name of liberation, caters to our lower senses, rather than providing the high-value, consciousness-raising content that we truly crave as human beings.

Staying True to Ourselves in a Saturated Digital World

Take, for instance, my experience this morning. I opened Instagram, and the first thing I see is a well-known actress in a rather… let’s say, suggestive pose. It left me pondering – how do we navigate these waters while staying true to our authentic selves?

There are those who are naturally vivacious, extroverted, and creative, and their content reflects that. But then there are others who might feel pressured to jump on this bandwagon, despite it not aligning with their personality.

Join the Conversation

So, I’m curious – how do you stay authentic in an environment that often rewards the opposite? How do we, as a community, encourage and support content that uplifts and adds value, rather than just seeking attention? I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Let’s open up this conversation and share our experiences and insights.

Stay true to yourself and keep shining!

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    P.S. Full disclosure – I’m not above the fray. I’ve dabbled in creating attention-seeking content myself. It’s all part of the learning curve, right? Keen to hear if you’ve had similar experiences or how you’ve managed to dodge the temptation!

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