In charge of their passion

Pressures they face

Passionate, energetic, driven, get up and go, self-starters, finishers, focused, whatever you want to call those who have come to terms with the fact they have one life to live.

Admirable, charismatic people who heed to the callings on their life, pursue the vision, live life on purpose, believe in their destiny, and decide they will spend their time doing work that matters.

No matter how hard it will be, they have their heart dead-set on committing to the dream despite the pressures they face.

In charge of their passion

Nobody gave these people passion; it’s already there. They may listen to a charged up sermon, but they don’t need it to fuel the fire. In fact, standing for too long to wait and listen to someone else remind them of their deepest desires drives them insane. They want to get going, RIGHT NOW! NO one needs to push them; no one can stop them; because they are in charge of their passion.

It’s truly saddening to witness people waiting to be chosen, waiting to commit and substituting their time, which can be used to turn dreams into reality for maintaining the status quo. They settle for making excuses, doing what’s already been done, or what’s expected of them, and what’s safe. It’s truly sad.

Do not ignore it

Why do people choose the safe option instead of adventure? Well I suppose I’ve answered that alreadybecause it’s safe. Unfortunately, safe is for those unwilling to stand up and be counted.

Be in charge of your passion. No one else will and can do that for you. Your passion is deep within your very being and is tied to the most important things you were called to do in your life…did you get that? – your life. 

It’s your life and your passion; passion that is tied to your will so that you can fulfil destiny. And this is the thing – you get to choose where you direct that passion – it’s entirely up to you. So please don’t ignore it, bury it, misuse, quench or lose it because you may never get it back again.

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