Instagram hiding likes?? Why it needs to have happened yesterday

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Honestly, I have to vent my views on Instagram hiding likes in the UK.

For a little while, I have hated Instagram likes, like really hated them. Well not quite hate but annoyed or maybe not annoyed but irritated by them. In today’s article I’m going to explain what anguish Instagram likes have caused me and why Instagram needs to get rid of them like yesterday.


I am irritated by Instagram likes because, at the end of last year, I started taking photos of me for Insta.

I did it because I saw a drop in engagement on my content. I was sharing snippets of my YouTube videos and quotes. But I felt like people had gotten bored. Or, maybe the algorithm got bored, so I decided it was time for a change. Maybe I wasn’t serving my audience well, I thought.

Instagram is a platform for visually appealing content. Selfies, portraits and photography do well on this platform, so I said to myself, “Ok let me give people what they want. Let me take photos.”

Taking photos was a massive step for me because I hated taking pictures. There are only a handful of pictures of me in this world before I made this decision around December last year. But I did it for the Gram. I got brave so that I could serve the content consumer. I felt it my duty as a content creator.

What makes me mad about Instagram likes, is not only did I have to overcome my fear, but I was going to great lengths to get a shot with little recognition (boohoo!).

I was doing self-portraits. Well, I still do self-portraits. I go out with my tripod in public, with people staring as I photograph myself. I try to shut out the embarrassment in my head and try to pretend that nobody thinks I am ostentatious.

I am not a photographer, so I had to pick up some basic photography skills. I read and researched quite a bit. It’s effort. I still research and learn about photography. No one takes my photos. I do them myself. At times I get to drag my daughter or husband along for moral support. But that’s not always possible.

But with all the effort I am making. I still only get a handful of likes. You may think me prideful but I think that type of labour is worth more (I’m kinda joking here – but not really).

Furthermore, I’m not part of a group that tell each other to like their photos. I refuse to do that. It defeats the purpose. I want genuine recognition. I suppose  I need to exercise patience.


I have considered that the lack of likes on my photos could be purely my fault. People may not like my photos. I’m ok with that. Although I do notice that photos with more skin showing get more likes, which to be honest, just says too much about audiences onInstagram. And that, I’m not ok with.

Why is more flesh on show a reason to like a photo?

Suppose people do like my photos, and they’re not ignoring them even though it seems that way when I get 500 views and 20 likes. But what if skin or no skin on show is not the issue. What if Instagram gods somehow have a hand on how many likes I get? I’ve considered this as another case.

However, both situations, whether it’s the Instagram gods or me, I am left feeling as if putting effort into this platform is not worth it. So I go out and get photos when I can and upload when I can.


If I do not get likes, I don’t bother to check. And, I must emphasise I valued likes primarily to understand whether I am creating valuable content or not. Now I judge value myself. I create what I think is valuable, and if people or the Instagram gods don’t think so, I don’t get hung up about it.

And actually my photos are more about a story and the status I add rather than the photo.

Although a few people think I am now trying to be an Instagram fashion model and say my status don’t matter. Hmph!


Anyway, because I hate Instagram likes. I want them to go quickly — no more talking about it. No more global rolling out gently. I want ‘hidden like counts’ to be a thing on Instagram today.

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Until next time, take fantastic care of yourself, bye!

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