How Joe Wicks, The Body Coach Wins With Content Marketing

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How Joe Wicks Wins With Content Marketing

Let’s Take a look at how Joe Wicks, Wins With Content Marketing. It’s a valuable Content Marketing Example of how to communicate brand values and create the type of content that opens up opportunities for your business.


Hello Content Masters,

Today’s ACTION POINT is to create a poster that communicates your brand’s values in just two or three words – no more. Almost like a tagline. Big brands do it all the time to share their values with their audience. Get creative and get out there. If you haven’t got editing software, I recommend And Pexels is a great site for FREE Stock Photos. I’m putting my ‘two-word’ value in my Instagram Stories at 6 pm today. If you’re not following me on Instagram, I invite you to pop over and check me out – @bessobarotimi.

All the best!


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