My Answer to ‘How To Make Money Online’

I’ve asked people, “What would you most like to learn about Content Marketing?” The top answer is always, “How do I make money online. Bess, show us ways to make money online.”

There are two reasons I don’t go into training on this topic. One reason is, beyond selling clothes online, selling eyelashes, (a venture I recently began) and my web design and content marketing agency, I feel I don’t have adequate experience in the multiple ways of making money online. And you need that insight if you’re going to deliver training on a topic like making money online.

If you ask me, “How do I start my own content marketing agency?” I’ll probably be more open to the idea of talking about it.

It's Easy to Learn About

But honestly, I always think the answer boils down to this – pick a product or service you’re passionate about and start selling it. Build a website. Create a blog. Produce related content. Grow your audience. Turn them into customers. Rudimentary, I know. The points could be fleshed out considerably. But this is it.

If you’re on a budget and can’t pay a web designer, Gary Vaynerchuk will teach you how to sell unused items from your loft on eBay.

Heck, I have a free download on this site to help you create a website using WordPress, the popular content management system. A lot of people use WordPress to build their first website.

If All Else Fails, Google It!

Search for ‘make money online’, and Google is more than happy to return links to people who have answered the ‘how to make money online’ question. When I’m asked to share insight into making money online, that’s what I do. I Google it.

‘Googling it’ always leaves me with the same impression. The answer is already out there. There’s no magic to it. No one is hiding a secret.

The Answer: Start Now

What I really think is holding people back from making money online is starting. Stop thinking about it. Find out all you can with the mindset to start now. And then start now.

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