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This is my blogIt's all about great marketing, as well asother business and life related reflections

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Bess Obarotimi

I’m the CEO, & Founder of Synatel Media, a social media marketing agency. In addition to marketing, I’m a studier of life and the people who make it. If you are interested in these things too, I’d love you to read the blog and follow me on socials. Click on the links below!


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The power of your customer’s brain

You must never underestimate the power of your customer's brain because its role in whether or not your brand is preferred is vital.

Beyond the Surface & Gaslighting

Do you know where the term gaslighting comes from? It comes from a 1944 psychological thriller where a man drives his wife barmy.

Life, people and culture

If you want to do great social media marketing, you should study life, people and culture. Click to continue reading.


Good or bad, whatever you put into life you get out. So put in love and you’ll get a whole lot of love back out!

Bess Obarotimi - CEO & Founder Synatel Media

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