A Simple Content Marketing Framework to Maximise Your Strategy

When your content marketing strategy isn’t yielding the results you expect, working harder, most times, isn’t the best solution. Strip your strategy back to bare bones and follow a simple Content Marketing framework.

Let’s not make content marketing more complicated than it is. Our primary focus should be on consistency and value. Analyse what’s working and run with that.

Here are few aspects of your Content Marketing strategy that will yield more attention for your brand.


Marketing is about telling stories, and every company has several stories. Your stories are not a tool to sell your product but rather a way to share common fears, hopes, challenges and successes of your business to the consumer. Customers relate to your stories, and it’s what leads to long-lasting connections relatable. Stories are how customers will remember brands.

Virgin Media’s #BeTheFastest campaign is an example of great storytelling. The ad takes Usain Bolt’s record-breaking career story and aligns it with one of Virgin’s core messages of providing faster broadband.

Usain Bolt is known globally, and countless people have cheered the athlete on to victory. The advertisement doesn’t even mention the product it relies on the customer’s knowledge of the Usain Bolt story.

The message in this advertisement is so powerful, connecting the dots is easy for the customer to make. It’s also hard to forget.

People do not buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories and magic.

Seth Godin


A Simple Content Marketing Framework

If you customers are confused by your offering they will not buy. Focus on what matters to the customers. Do they want some more times, something to happen faster, or more money. By placing emphasis on one main value it’s easy for your customer to understand how your business helps them achieve their goals. Is this product what I need becomes the only question they need to answer.

I’m sure you heard of Starbucks even if you don’t drink coffee. Well, have you ever noticed what their offering is? I can’t say I know what it is for sure but by taking one lok at the most recent posts on their Facebook page  I’m guessing it’s speed. Each post is ended with a call to action using the word “Grab…” If that doesn’t speak speed, I don’t know what does. The message is succinct and speaks to any business person rushing to work in need of some caffeine.

Don’t make consumers have to guess what your brand offering is; not what product you are selling but what value you deliver. Value is of high importance to customers when making a buying decision.


Your brand message is more than what you say. Great visuals will communicate your brand message quickly. There is a place for text-based when sparking discussion, but add great visuals that match your brand story and you can cut through the social media noise easier.


  1. Identify the core offering of your business
  2. Enhance your social media content by incorporating this message as much as possible
  3. Identify the stories in your company to emphasise the brand message.
  4. Make sure everyone in the company knows the stories off by heart
  5. Retell these stories whenever possible
  6. Include the brand message on as many pages on your company website

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