Start Over

Here’s why you need to start over.

We underestimate our customers. Our teams say, “If we don’t spell it out, they won’t get it.”, “If we don’t make that bigger, they won’t understand”. But whilst there are apparent exceptions, our audiences are quite the discerning lot. They can smell fear, insincerity, insecurities, and they are getting rather good at figuring out deception from a mile off.

Brands who avoid giving off even the smidgen of such scents fair better than those deciding whether green or orange is more enticing on their website. Another common angst faced is deciding whether to fill a quarter or a half of our marketing material with the brand logo. Neither factors, if you have not realised by now, contribute to more sales. But if marketers got a pound for every request to “Make the logo bigger.” They’d probably have a tidy sum.

Interestingly enough, it’s the words that we aren’t using in our carefully crafted marketing copy that our customers are mulling over. Primarily they are asking themselves, “If I part with my hard-earned cash, will this brand help me?. Will they help me be more affluent, smarter, quicker, fascinating, and maybe even higher ranking?”. If nothing about your marketing communicates that you can help the customer in these ways, start over.

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