Why your website design is not important

This is how it begins. You get a web designer who you consider good enough to do the job in fact you think you’ve made the best choice ever – the one who will give you the most beautiful site –  who’ll optimise it for SEO – the one who’ll incorporate their superior knowledge to make it user friendly – the one who’s got ample experience – they’ve got a fantastic portfolio.  At this point you’re thinking: when this site gets done everyone will fall in love with it and I’m going to sell out of all my stock in a day– so why is it you end up telling your designer how to design it.

The above resonates with web developers/designers everywhere who feel their skill is not acknowledged and will blame it on drag and drop solutions like Dreamweaver that require zilch technical knowledge. And, I digress – somewhat.

The point is, the design of the website should be left entirely to the designer. Don’t mess it up telling them what they should know more about. What is important, when you have your lovely website, is you promoting it. If you have a decent enough website, don’t get caught up with what it looks like , rather, spend time drawing the millions of customers that want to buy your product, to your site.

Work almost aggressively on building your mailing list. Spend your days researching and writing up quality content. Share your content and engage with your customers on social media.  Build your online and offline brand. And then do what should  be on your list of priorities, use the site to grow your brand image, a loyal following and of course product sales.

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