Will it be another flop?

Last week I shared a quote image on social media. A short and honest story accompanied it in the status update. With little expectation of its performance, I posted the content on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

Honestly, I enjoyed writing that piece. I aimed to encourage professionals, small businesses and startups that when they placed more attention in the quality of their work over their audience size, they would see results.

I had given very little thought to whether audiences would care about what I had written. I had been entirely focused on making sure the audiences’ concerns came first. I created, I shared and went about my business. I was genuinely surprised at the many positive comments, reshares and liked received by LinkedIn users.

Will it be another flop?

The response led me to decide it was worthwhile reposting the quote on the blog here. “It must have been some good writing,” I told myself. You can read the quote and short story here – IMPACT FIVE PEOPLE.

Yet again, that work reminded me that you could seldom predict the disasters and the flops. In fact, I have found it to be quite the opposite on many occasion. It’s possible for the work we dream of getting the most credit for is barely recognised. All we have control over as marketers are our endeavours to help customers achieve their aspirations. Our customers decide whether or not we have done a good enough job of it.

So, the next time you hesitate over your content and wonder, “Will it be another flop?” Ask yourself better questions, “Does it show I care? It is honest and is it valuable?”.

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