You are not the consumer

Marketers often forget this, but you are not the consumer. We fail to remember that we can’t read minds; neither can we predict consumer sentiment. If we could, we wouldn’t need the stats. Now and again, we fumble. We fall into the trap of believing our customers care about the brand and its pretty posts on Instagram. We don’t always fully consider our consumer’s real lives, struggles, dreams, and goals. We create because we want to sell and not because we care.

And our customers can tell. They know when we don’t care.

Why does the consumer buy from you? Do you know? If and when you do, have you matched the brand narrative to the consumers? Does your truth relate to their reality? What about their desires? How does your marketing help consumers achieve what they want in life?

At the next brainstorming meeting, remember that you are not the consumer. They don’t want what the brand wants. You can only create impactful work when you take the time out to understand and care. And this is not a one day exercise. Usually, its organisational effort performed for the long term.

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