6 people you need in your social media team

Clearly you want to hire the right people in your social media team. People that understand your business, the social media landscape and how to make your company turn in the profits. So, in this article we highlight the 6 people you need in your social media team to do just that.


Creative people are going to turn trending content into something remarkable. Even though the content may have been done before; it may have been seen and used by other companies, creatives are going to make it look significant, like it’s a novel idea.


Get someone on your team who’s good at seeing how to get to where you’re going. They’ll be a strong visionary with robust social media experience and the ability to lead the team to take the right steps towards getting winning outcomes.


Get people on your team who are willing to get their hands dirty on your social media platforms. These guys will be sparking conversations sharing content on their own profiles and contributing towards building strong successful customer relations.

The number guys

You need a numbers, someone who can crush the analytics. They want to know what’s working and what’s not. They are likely to be working alongside the strategy guys bringing them insights that will help build successful plans.


Now we spoke about visionaries when we spoke about the strategists. But you also need people who uphold the vision. In social media when things are changing so quickly and so much is going on, it’s easy to forget the vision; where you want to the business to get to, what your goals were, your ‘whys’. Stay focused with the vision guys.


Don’t take for granted the art of good copywriting. Either train existing staff or hire a specialist. Your ads, your social media status, your website copy and any writing being put out to your customers should be specially crafted and persuasive to them.

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