Simple Site’s Big Earnings & My SEO Journey

How a No-Frills Single-Page Website Rakes in £5,000 a Month with Affiliate Marketing

Did you know you don’t need a flashy, state-of-the-art website with endless pages to make good money online? Let me tell you about a discovery I made just before Christmas that really stuck with me – an unassuming goldmine named, an SEO success story in its simplicity.

Honestly, the site looks like something straight out of the early days of the internet – think basic HTML and a design that’s not exactly what you’d call user-friendly. But get this – it’s pulling in more dosh than some of those swanky websites we see everywhere!

I was led to the website by another article on Medium talking about how this no-frills, single-page website rakes in £5,000 a month with affiliate marketing.

In a nutshell, shows you the best deals on hard disks from Amazon.

It was whipped up by a chap named Jeremy Grosser who needed a bunch of hard drives for a Network-Attached Storage (NAS) project – that’s a fancy way of saying a digital storage locker that you can access from multiple gadgets at home or work.

His website’s a gem if you’re looking to snag discounted hard drives. It’s constantly updated, and you can filter by country, condition, type, capacity… you name it.

My SEO Revelation

So I’m wondering, how does he do it with just links? How is he generating £5,000 a month? Who knows about this website and how did they find it? So I decided to nose around a bit and googled “diskprices”.

The website ranks first place and it’s not an ad. None of the other results are linking back to the website, giving it authority like review sites, so it must be something to do with SEO and understanding his audience, right?

Pure great SEO that drives masses of traffic, I’m thinking.

So I signed up for the trial version of SERanking and started digging into Diskprices. The reports all came back positive. I could have done further digging to reverse-engineer Jeremy Grosser’s traffic-driving secrets, but honestly, at this point, I’m more concerned about the SEO score for

Until that very moment, I had been relying on writing as many articles as possible, trying to rank on search engines using SEO keywords, alt text, meta descriptions and all that jazz as best as I could with the YOAST SEO plugin. I was content with my efforts, thinking I was crafting an SEO success story of my own.

But then…

When I checked my website with SERanking, the results were less than satisfactory.

All this time, I’d been avoiding paying for specialised SEO help because I thought I was doing a fairly good job. But the reality hit me – I was nowhere near.

I hopped onto Fiverr and chatted with a few freelancers about the issues SERanking had highlighted. One suggested he could do wonders with a tool called Rank Math.

With my WordPress knowledge, I thought I could do wonders with Rank Math. No thank you, sir for the services offered, but thank you so much for the unintended tip.

I was using YOAST SEO, as I have done for 13-15 years. It was highly rated back then. I thought it still was. What more could Rank Math offer? But there was no harm in giving it a try.

Needless to say, I installed it.

Now, I can’t quite remember what my SEO score was when I started, but it wasn’t impressive. Now, it’s a healthy 88/100.

Before Rank Math, my sitemap – the file that lists information like the pages, posts, and videos on your site so that search engines like Google can find them – wasn’t being recognised by Google search console. I’d been trying to sort that out for a few months, but now – fixed!

What’s more, I now know which articles pull in the traffic and which ones need a bit of TLC, and all this is just at a glance, mind you.

This clarity has been crucial in my journey towards an SEO success story of my own.

If you end up downloading Rank Math, you’ll appreciate a nifty content AI section that helps with aspects like title generation, keyword research, and article writing in a very streamlined and easy-to-use way.

I’m also loving that I now know the top keywords for my site.

I don’t know how I coped without the 404 monitor which lets me see which page hits are bad links or no longer existing, and I can redirect them to an existing page on my site, reducing page bounce.

Let’s just say I am extremely happy with the prospect that some of my articles will rank on page 1 of Google in time. Some of them have already moved up 50 spots from their original search result position. It’s an SEO success story in the making.

Impressive, right? I know.

Take Blogging Seriously

I mean it. Get serious about blogging.

Personally, I’m done pouring my heart and soul into other people’s platforms.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still create for social media, but the joy and satisfaction of checking my Google Analytics each morning to see an increase in the number of people voluntarily visiting my site and reading content – priceless!

Blog regularly and sort out your SEO. You can thank me later.


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