7 reasons you’re not getting attention on socials

Don’t blame your friends or the algorithms if your content is not getting the attention you deserve on socials.

Sure, your friends should support you, but they are not your customers, and they are well within their rights to give or not give attention to whatever content they like.

And the algorithm – if ever I get asked a question, it’s always about how the algorithm is against creators and their content. Well honey, the algorithm is against showing content to its users if it thinks it is not good enough.

Yes, I said it.

Maybe you aren’t getting the reach because it’s not appealing to the mass of social media users.

Having said that, your content may be so niched its appeal serves a narrow section of the audience. You should be able to evaluate this as a possibility for low attention on socials.

However, let’s talk about X common reason your content isn’t getting attention on socials

You’re not creating content audiences want.

So we’ve touched on this a little, but let’s clarify.  

You can do a litmus test to see whether you deliver the type of content audiences want. Choose a platform. Any platform, it doesn’t matter and scroll the home feed. While scrolling, if you came across your content, would it look out of place? Be honest because there’s a difference between standing out and completely missing the assignment.

Each platform has its personality. So whilst your brand can be completely unique in style and character, translating into your content, it should still meet audience expectations.

No matter what you deliver, it should be appealing to the eye, spark emotions, and be native to the platform.

In short, you’ve got to figure out how to stand out while still fitting in.

You’ve not been consistent for long enough.

It takes time.

Months years even.

Once you finally figure out the type of content audiences like and your engagement goes up a little, you’ve got to stick to it.

Staying consistent is important because it’s easy to get discouraged, lose focus or let life get in the way.

Creating content to build a brand and grow your business is a marathon, not a sprint. You’ve got to keep making great content for a sustained period of time. The platforms reward great content and consistency.

You don’t engage with followers.

Content creators underestimate the power of engaging.  

I have consistently experienced an increase in followers and engagement on my content when I have personally taken the time to engage with others in a similar niche as well as potential followers.

You must comment, like, reply, reshare, the lot – spend a little bit of time on the platforms engaging. You’ve got to give a little to get a little.

You’re not adding value.

You’ve got to add value in some way. Whether to entertain, educate or inspire, you must make the platforms a better place for audiences to be on. Add value to the platform and audiences. Do this, and the algorithm will be on your side.

I will say though, if you’re going to add value, go big. 

There’s no room for shrinking violets. You won’t get seen or heard if you tread lightly. Whatever your personality is, exaggerate it.

Note I did not say fake it, but you must go big. 

It’s like any stage you’re on. Your normal actions translate poorly on a main stage in front of a crowd of people. I’ve been on a stage, and I can tell whatever you think is big, go bigger. A stage makes everything you do look smaller.

Your social media platform is a stage.

Do the most.

Give main character energy as they say.

People don’t relate to your content.

Emotional connection is crucial to getting and sustaining attention on socials.

Whatever content you put out there. You want to get personal and make people feel something. 

It’s only when you make people feel something do they relate to you and feel compelled to invest time in you and your content.

I see way too much content put out these days with zero passion. 

To be blunt, you will waste your time. People won’t care.

The easiest way to build emotional connection is through your story. Tell stories – good stories all of the time, and that will help.

You’re putting in the minimum.

Okay. Let’s be for real. 

As easy as you think it is for your most popular content creator to put out a 30-sec piece of content, a lot goes into it. They research, plan, get up early to create, travel far, and invest a lot of time and often money to serve great content. Creators are thinking content content content 24-7 to serve their fans.

It’s hard to compete for attention on socials if the content you are creating isn’t taking something from you.

Put in a lot of effort.

A lot of people won’t want to hear this. And I am not a toxic person, but full-time content creators will say I speak the truth.

Creating content takes a lot of commitment and resources, even if you only see 30 seconds of the end result.

You have no voice. 

This one I don’t get. 

People who create content but have no voice.

This is another waste of time. 

If your content lacks passion, opinion, strong personality, and beliefs, no one can hear you and no one will care.

You need people who care; else there is zero point to you putting out content.

Have a voice. Own it. Even if you step on a few toes, there’ll always be people who love you. I’m all for staying respectful but equally, a lot can be said for owning your stage.

And that’s it folks!

I hope I was harsh in this post. I want to ruffle a few feathers only because you must be cruel to be kind. 

I want you to do well, but that can only happen if I tell the truth. So if any of these points hit a nerve and you’re struggling to get attention on your content, don’t get bitter, get better.

And if you want extra help, send me a DM and let’s do some work getting attention on your content.


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