8 Videos to Help You Build Brand Culture

How do brands and like Ikea, Apple and Google build brand culture? Looking at what makes these brands distinct, you notice the same themes emerging each time. Out of the numerous elements, there are a few that relate to Content Marketing. Brands build brand culture by connecting people and use incredible storytelling to achieve that goal.

Brands tell stories in a relevant, clear and memorable way. There is an intentional focus on developing emotional connections with consumers through shared commonalities. Add these shared values to the experiences fans have with top brands, conversations are being created all the time to share with friends. Significantly, it doesn’t change whether it’s online or on the shopfloor, brands create conversation that brand advocates spread.

Crucial to building a brand’s culture is carrying the fans along. And, today, with social media and content marketing, we don’t need huge budgets to achieve the same effect. You can create content that deliberately incorporates the element that develops powerful brand culture.

Strong branding can maximise the attention we receive on Social Media. So, I have put together a series of videos to provide insight into what builds brand culture through the content you share. Book mark this page so you can keep coming back to watch all the videos. If you have any questions or observations you’d like to share, please leave them in the comments section below.

8 Videos to Help You Build Brand Culture

Creating a Sense of Belonging in Brand Culture
Building Tribe Culture – Creating Movements
What Symbols Have to do With Brand Culture
Common Ways Influencers Build Brand culture
What’s Keeping the Fans Happy & Engaged?
Three Eye-Opening Tips for Building Brand Culture
How to Position Your Customer Within Your Story
How to Position Your Brand Within Your Story

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