Attracting and Engaging Audiences

Forget the algorithms; a decline in attracting and engaging audiences could be a sign you are failing to appeal to their content needs.

When it comes to Content Marketing, genuine objectives are required. “What does our content have to be to attract and retain the kind of audience that we want? Who is our audience? And what do we have to do to attract them?” It is highly desirable to have objectives for brand awareness and growth, but also beneficial to have objectives for audience knowledge and awareness.

A decline in engagement could be a sign you are failing to create content that your audience finds valuable and authentic. We have never used algorithms as a determinant of content performance. Usually, the understanding of the algorithms comes from multiple external sources that are not the platform itself. We have found that the brands we manage are unaffected by specific issues that have been described in algorithm beating articles. Even testing solutions provided has made little if any difference.

One thing we’ve always been sure of is that platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram create the algorithms to ensure that their users have the best experience. And since you can never be 100% sure what the algorithms are, plus they change so frequently, you’ll be in a better position if you place your focus in the same way. Provide your audience with the best content experience ever.

Action Point

Set objectives for creating content that appeals to the unique values, aspirations and knowledge requirements of your ideal audience.

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