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By now you’ll have a few experiences in your journey – seen things, travelled places, met good people, met terrible people, been frustrated, been worn out, passionate and put in the hard labour. You know what has brought you here, your vision, and why you do what you do. If not, fine. Think it through because it’s these narratives that separate your business from others. It’s your stories and your ‘why’, that will build a meaningful brand.

When you observe social media land, the substance, the creativity, the output, and the individuality – all of it is incredible. But it is also a lot. It is easy to get lost if your shared experience doesn’t add something brand new.

The CEO of a new media company asks our agency to manage their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram following. They’re not the only media company with dreams of making a name for itself. Many other media companies also hope to own prime spot social media real estate.┬áThe strategy meetings have been regular and lengthy, leading us to recently arrive at singular words such as ‘celebration’, ‘dialogue’ and ‘time’ to describe the target audience’s unique experience with the media brand. You see, content marketing has much more to do with the experiences you create than the products you sell. Good experiences lead to more sales.

Focus on creating experiences. It’s hard to forget a brand that makes us feel good. We can use our stories and understanding of the world our customers live in to create these experiences. Use your content marketing to do this. Your content gives you a relatively inexpensive way to create memorable experiences for customers and build a meaningful brand.

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