Here’s Why You Want to Build a Tribe

A tribe is not just a nice thing to have. You don’t build a tribe to sell more tickets to your event or copies of your book. You can’t build a tribe to use the people in it and profit from them. That’s a cult. People’s motivations for following you run much deeper than wanting to spend their hard-earned cash on you, would you believe. A tribe is a huge responsibility for you to have.

Once you go down that route, first off, you’re saying you want to be a leader of a group of people. And you know what that means don’t you? It means you’re going to take on the role of helping them get what they want. That’s it.

If you thought having a tribe was about getting what you want, you were wrong. If you thought having a tribe meant having millions of Insta fans – wrong again.

No. You have a unique skill and insight for the sole purpose of giving back to the world. Your desire to have a tribe is innate and part of the reason you have that gift. Having a tribe happens when you decide you will serve the world with what you have to make it and the people in it better.

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