Can I trust you?

Can I trust you? It’s a question, whether consciously or not, each person asks themselves when they engage with your brand.

Can I trust that you’re good enough?

Can I trust that you know what you are talking about?

Can I trust that your product will fulfil my needs?

Can I trust that what you are selling is of good quality?

Can I trust you?

Few businesses, if any, begin their marketing journey with a resounding “Yes!” to these customer concerns. That is because building trust is a process. The customer wants lots more information, like “Who else is buying?” “How does this product help me?” and “Do I like this company?” It’s up to your marketing team to provide these answers if you want to be trusted; because trust is a driving force behind buyer decision making.¬†

Ultimately, more trust means more sales. Customers need to feel comfortable that the risk of buying from someone they met on Facebook is significantly low. So don’t get down on yourself if you haven’t been in the game long and no one is buying. You may have a trust problem. On the other hand, if you’ve been in the game a while and sales are next to zero, you have a marketing problem.

I recently sat on the panel of speakers with CEO Chris Maughan, for a Clubhouse conference call, I-PRAC Masterclass – Learn the benefits of I-PRAC. That discussion inspired this article. Let me know how you have managed to build trust in your organisation in the comments below.

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