Why You Should Create Content Every day

Two weeks ago, for no particular reason, it came to my mind to write long-form content every day. I decided afterwards it was more than a good idea. All my writings could eventually culminate into a book. “Nice!” I thought.

Even more so, I’m a content creator. More writing is bound to do me lots of good.

When you begin your habit of writing content every day, do not create for all. Pick topics that will solve the needs of your niche intended audience. It’s incredibly important that you are quite clear about who that intended audience is. It’s amazing how many people are not, so I have to stress this point.

Get into the Mind of the Consumer

Once you’re clear about who your audience is, get into their mind.

Before you put fingers to keyboard, consider how they conduct their day, the challenges that they face and in what ways you could provide valuable information to help them overcome these challenges.

So many brands do not focus on creating content that solves problem. If you do, you’ll establish your brand quicker.

Choose at least one subject to write about, and then you begin.

Gain Influence

Writing every day to solve your customer’s problems is a very influential position to place your brand. Imagine the attention you can attain by creating content that solves problems for your customer daily. Your customer will practically be waiting for you to release new content that will make their day easier.

What you will also find is that you will become better at framing your brand story.

A daily habit of writing is going to force you to cover all the questions that your customers could possibly have. Consequently, your customer is going to develop a deeper understanding of what it is that your brand stands for. It’ll be incredibly hard to forget you, the trust and familiarity will be stronger. And that’s precisely what you need if you want to make more sales.

It’s almost certain that through creating and distributing new content for your audience, you will strengthen your brand message, and it will become highly targeted and relevant. Eventually, you’ll have created volumes of high-quality content, exactly what’s required to be distinct on social media.

Trash what doesn't make the cut

You don’t necessarily have to publish every piece of content you write. If you’re not completely happy with it, leave it and mull over it. Flesh your content out at a later date and make necessary improvements. But do write and do get your ideas down. And, quite importantly, share those ideas as much as possible on all the platforms.

As you develop knowledge and experience in your business, you will be able to transform old content. Using new and developed ideas, you’ll create stronger and more persuasive arguments.

If you’re certain you don’t like it, trash it.

A Content Strategy for More Attention and Visibility

From a content creator’s perspective, I think the most efficient thing about a daily writing habit is that you can create smaller pieces of content from your work.

How about extracting a few actionable quotes from your content for that day. You can use those quotes to create an attractive poster design. As you probably know, poster designs are great for your Insta feed. If you lack original content for your Insta feed, there’s your answer.

How about a 280 character Tweet?

Need some content for your email subscribers? Extract it from the writing you did today.

Personally, I can’t say for sure how long I’ll keep up this daily writing habit. I hope it to be always, but sometimes life gets in the way, and we have to change our habits. However, I will be making a conscientious effort to maintain creating long-form content every day. So far, it hasn’t been a strain. If all goes well, perhaps I’ll update you on my progress.

To those of you keen on creating more and better content, I urge you to start a daily writing habit now.

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