Does your business make this common marketing mistake?

Okay, so back to marketing… This morning on LinkedIn I was talking about health and fitness but now let’s talk shop…the stuff that pays the bills.

So I’m working on a client’s strategy
my mind’s doing overtime
thinking, creating, researching,

all the good stuff that goes into developing stand-out marketing strategies.

And for some reason, I began thinking about how long I have been doing this. Then I thought about some of the good and bad things I see. It’s not nice calling out bad marketing but doing so can help.

In all the years I have worked, one of the most common marketing mistakes I see is businesses treating socials as a shopping centre when it’s not.

Social media is more like a place to build connections with people who will be interested in your brand. It’s an escape from the humdrum; It’s how customers pass the time. They log in and join subcultures with others who share the same values and aspirations.

So when we think of content creation, we’ve got to do work that fits into this expectation. We want our customers to feel like this brand ‘is a bit of me’. And when they do, they like you.

It can never be said enough times. Approach social media as a place you deliver content to connect on an emotional level. It means you don’t talk shop all the time but allow the brand to get intimate with customers.

When you create content that not only expresses who the brand is but centres around what customers care about, they give you attention.

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