Do this for faster growth on your socials.

Do this for faster growth on your socials.


Comment 24-7 if you want to grow your network faster.

It is totally underrated. Choose any network you like and start commenting as much as you can.

Here’s why.

You have creators creating who want comments on their work. And there is you that wants to be seen. Creators will see you commenting on their work. And the really good ones, reply.

It is the top question I get—some variation of, “How do I get seen?” My response is commenting. Comment more. Even liking more gets more eyes on you and increases the chance of people checking out your profile.

Every time I’ve hit a surge in followers, it has come after a significant period of commenting and liking. Of course, creating and publishing great content helps, but the comments act as a power surge.

However, I want to be clear on this commenting strategy. I see many would-be creators place their focus on committing, resharing and liking. And when I go to check out their original content. Nada, not a thing. What a missed l opportunity.

As I said, when you are a keen commenter, liker or retweeter, people are interested in who you are and more likely to check your profile for original work. But when they see nothing of your own, they can’t make any decision on whether to follow you or not. It’s such a disappointment.

The Commenting strategy is powerful when you create content and comment loads for faster growth on socials.


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