Four Ways to fuel customer desire

No one is buying your product because you have not created the desire for it.

Customers seek out products that fulfil their desires, and if nothing in your content is communicating the ability to do that, chances are they are not grabbing purses and wallets to make a purchase.

If you want to increase your audience and convert them to customers, use socials to create the desire for what you have on offer.

So, how do you fuel customer desire? Let’s talk about it.

1. Sensuality.

From birth, we are created to like beautiful things. Did you know that mums think their newborns are the most beautiful by far? And every child grows up thinking their mum is the most attractive woman on earth.

Human beings like beautiful things.

We are tantalised by things that look, feel, smell, sound and taste good. Which sense could you capitalise on in your content?

2. Authentic

People are drawn to things and other people by how true to themselves they are. We are intrigued by the unabashed creativity, uniqueness and boldness of others. It captures our attention when we see people and things that go against the grain and aren’t afraid to stand out.

Some of the biggest music artists owe their success not to talent but to their colossal-sized personalities, eccentric behaviours and iconic fashion.

If you want attention on your content, whatever your personality is, quadruple it to stand out. No shrinking violets allowed, I’m afraid.

3. Surprise

Your customers like to be sure of what they get when they buy your product. Consistency maintains their trust. However, now and then, it’s good to keep customers on their toes with something different. The element of anticipation keeps them wanting more.

Meta keeps us wanting more on its new platform, Threads. They launched the platform without warning. This was the first surprise for its Instagram users.

In addition, Meta released Threads with minimum features. It may have been a very intentional strategy, leaving many of its active users wanting more, waiting for what’s coming next.

The element of surprise in your content is a great way to keep your customers on their toes and interested in the brand. Create work they do not expect and leave them wanting more of it. It’ll keep them excited about upcoming content.

4. Your values

Audiences connect with your brand on socials because of what you value. And the values do not even have to be that deep. All your audiences want to understand from your content is, “Do we like the same things because if we do, then I am staying around for a long time?”

Talk about your brand’s values often so your audiences can relate to you.

If you have any questions, do not be afraid to ask in the comments. I’d love to hear from you.


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