Herd Mentality is a good thing

If you think about it, herd mentality is a good thing.

In the digital economy, herd mentality happens because we have too much choice and information. So we tell ourselves there’s safety in numbers. If many people advocate for it, it must be the best purchasing option. And this mindset is good for business. 

We want to create products that get chosen in the crowded market. We also want consumers to tell others about products.

Herd mentality gets a bad rap. You hear it said that “People just follow the crowd.”, “They don’t think for themselves anymore.” But you can’t blame consumers who have to choose from a wide range of brands. It takes time to decide who has the best product for them. They’d rather cut down that time and go with the majority. 

So I say herd mentality can be a good thing. All you need to do is tap into the idea that more people will want your product if it is the ‘in’ thing.

The challenge for new entry brands is not the herd but getting the herd to change direction. Many brands think you can change consumer behaviour by posting as much content as possible. But that’s not enough for people to take notice and remember you.

The real reason consumers choose some brands over others is not whether the brands decide to ‘show up’ or even how many times they show up. It is because they tell a good story.

Consumers give their attention to good stories. They are also easier to remember. If consumers remember the story, they can associate it with your brand. And if you want to be selected every time, you must get consumers to remember you.

When brands tell stories, parts of the story seep into consumers’ subconsciousness. It happens because we connect stories with our personal experiences. And often, stories bring on emotions, giving them more meaning.

Once your story becomes relevant to consumers, it is easier to remember your brand at the right moment, including times consumers are making recommendations to others, creating, if you will, a herd mentality.

A consumer remembers you, likes you and buys. They tell their friends at a dinner party. Some of those friends take note, follow you on IG, share your content, make a purchase and even leave a 5-star review. 

Another consumer overwhelmed by choice uses the review for his purchase, and the cycle goes on- Herd mentality; everyone follows the crowd.

Take, for example, the Andrex advert. Back in the ’80s or ’90s, Andrex was a leading brand. I remember the adorable golden retriever puppy playing around(and wasting) toilet paper rolls. The waste intrigued me, but the ad brought back memories of a childhood pet for some. Others of us had warm fuzzy feelings of fun and happiness.

A dog has nothing to do with toilet paper, but the story helped us to give meaning and relevance to the brand Andrex. By representing themselves as fun, we wanted to use Andrex. We had no idea what the advert said, but we related to the story, and our brains told us that we could trust the brand. 

Relatability, trust and association allow us to remember the brand easier. So we shared it with our friends. “Did you see the Andrex advert? Adorable isn’t it? Yes we use Andrex. It’s the best brand.” And your friends bought Andrex too.

Tell a good story. Let it represent your brand and make your consumers feel something. If they do, they will remember you, buy your products and tell their friends.

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