​How often should you post on social media?

Like it or not I’m going to explain a few things before I give you my answer to the title of this blog. Skip to here if you can’t wait.

Now, it’s mostly a discussion I have with individuals who are just starting out and they are thinking about building a brand, selling a product online or who have hopes of building a business. Perhaps it’s because they haven’t managed to build a team yet but I always feel it necessary to say, “Social media is hard work!”

I feel to get the best out of the work I do with my clients; they mustn’t be under any illusion as to how much effort they must be prepared to put in. The truth is, and you’ll be amazed at how many people I meet that don’t always grasp how important social media marketing is. They don’t see it as a crucial part of the business function.

People come up with an idea, realise they can use social media as a marketing tool but don’t give it enough attention. They don’t respect the tool for what it is. Perhaps they haven’t learnt how to. Maybe they recognise it’s significance but are soon overwhelmed by the sheer effort it takes.

They don’t produce valuable content; they don’t employ a strategy, they don’t strategically produce beneficial content consistently. They waste time treating social media as a playground. They get bored, frustrated easily, give up quickly and have unrealistic expectations.

Many people make amassing likes and comments, the focus. They live for creating that one piece of content that will get them all the likes, and when that doesn’t happen, they get terribly disappointed and focus way too much on what went wrong and not on doing things right.

People assume they know what is involved in social media. They think all they need, is to post a few pretty selfies and the world will come running. They think if they have 200k+ followers their problems will be solved; they’ll have hit the jackpot. That’s what drives so many individuals on social media towards buying fans, buying likes and setting up fake profiles. They have no plan and no idea how to create a plan.

Unfortunately many have very little knowledge about writing content that converts. They write and hope for results but don’t quite get the right ones. It is an art form.

They get caught up in the hype that is social media and lose focus. They don’t use their time efficiently. They overthink how often and when they should post. At times they don’t post at all.

A lot of people are failing at making social media marketing a useful tool for their business because have they not taken a strategic approach to creating content to drive profitable customer action.

Why business fail at social media

One thing I tell my clients is this, “Social media audiences equate how much consistent, valuable content you post with your level of authority.”

The brands that produce the most relevant content that is in your face, making the most noise, are going to be perceived as the influencers, by and large. This is a pretty rudimentary statement. There are lots of nuances to this in practice, but for the most part, you’ll find it rings pretty much accurately.

Current Events

Ok so now to the question. How often should you post on social media?

I must state before you consider making lots of content for the sakes of meeting my suggestions. Let the content you create, be of value. Your audience should wake in the morning, log into their preferred social media platform and enjoying seeing it. Create the type of content that audiences would miss if you did not post for a week. But don’t go offline for a week. Don’t do that.

Ok, at the very least, post three times a day. This is the advice of social media influencer & entrepreneur, Gary Vaynerchuk. My personal preference is up to seven.

I dare say with all the ‘live’ stories and tweets and engagement, Gary Vaynerchuk exceeds his advice. But Gary Vee has staff – a dedicated team to writing, filming, curating, creating and sharing content for him. That’s why I believe his suggestion of three is quite apt for the average person with no team and perhaps trying to fit social media marketing in with a job and home life, family and so on.

Three is adequate. It’s enough to stand out, and not too much to handle regarding the time required.

When you are starting, you can create simple but impressive content that helps your audience. It doesn’t have to get fancy, but it must be useful. You can commit to creating long pieces of content such as videos and blogs to at least once weekly.

This will keep you on the radar and sufficiently satisfy the audience’s content needs. And remember it’s not what you post; it’s how you post. So make each piece beneficial, so audiences appreciate you.

Write Great Content
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Take a look at the social media profiles you admire and how often they post. Who in your network do you admire? Some of the more established home name brands like Harrods, who may only post once a month (slight exaggeration) may not be the brands to look at. Look at the influencers that are smashing it on social media. Do you notice how often they are posting? Do you also see they create engaging content that their fans love?

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