What will you do to make this a successful year?

What will you do to make this a successful year?- A Reflective Post.

This question popped into my head during my workout this morning when it hit me: we’re already three weeks into the new year! And if I’m honest, so far, it’s been business as usual for me. Same walk, same talk, nothing spectacularly different.

But I realised that there are things I used to do in 2023 that I’ve not continued this year. It’s not that I don’t want to; it’s just that I find myself making excuses.

Part of this, I think, is because my view of the world has shifted. I’m older, and my perspective has changed. My goals have evolved, meaning the reasons behind my past actions no longer apply. But here’s the catch: I haven’t taken the time to reevaluate why I want to do these things now. Stuck in the old ways, I haven’t found the energy or the spark to revisit the activities I once loved.

We’re three weeks in, and I’m already making excuses. If I’m not careful, I fear this year could end up being fruitless, or worse, less fulfilling than 2023. And one of the biggest hurdles? The thought that I ‘can’t be bothered.’

It’s so easy to slip into that mindset, to tell myself I can’t be bothered to get dressed, meet someone, go out, or do anything that requires effort. It’s comfortable, sure, but it’s this comfort zone that I’m questioning.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still doing dynamic things. Like writing my book – something I genuinely enjoy. But take creating personal content, for instance – my feelings have evolved. Looking back, I can’t deny the rush of excitement from the attention: the likes, shares, and comments. It was a real buzz, and yes, pretty addictive.

But now, that’s changed.

I no longer crave that kind of attention. In fact, I’m at a point where I’d rather keep to myself. This shift in mindset has left me feeling indifferent about content creation, especially when it’s for the sake of being seen. I just don’t care.

But here’s my realisation: I actually enjoy creating content. It’s not about the external validation; it’s about the joy of creation. So, I’ve decided that my new motive is to create for the sake of creation – post and forget about it. Just doing it because I like it. It’s odd, but as I’m writing this, I realise how much the dopamine hit subtly influenced me, and how it’s not what drives me anymore.

Interestingly, when I started creating content, it wasn’t for the likes or the attention. But somewhere along the way, that became a subconscious motivator.

Now, I’m going back to my roots – creating just because I want to.

But this brings me to my point about how quickly time can pass. We’re already three weeks in, and before we know it, January will be over. There will only be 11 more months in the year.

So, I’m asking you too: How have these past three weeks gone for you? What have you done, changed, or stuck to that’s keeping you grounded? Share with me in the comments – maybe your story can help me realign.

And if you’re struggling, let’s talk about why. What’s holding you back, and what do you think will change? I’m really keen to hear your thoughts. Let’s make this a year where we don’t just let time slip by, but actively engage in the things we love and want to do.

Happy New Year again, everyone. Let’s make the most of it!


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