How Threads can work for you

Who’s on the Thread app?

Not enough of you, I think.

I get it. Finding your feet on a new app isn’t easy. Maybe you’re thinking, “What content do I post?” and “How can I succeed at it?” No worries. I’m using the app and enjoying it. So here are a couple of my top tips to help you get started, steady and hopefully successful.

You’ve got tons of scope to succeed.

I’m seeing influencer threads 5 hours after posting with 5 likes. That says a lot don’t you think? Where macro creators are used to achieving 1000’s of likes after a few minutes of posting, it’s one month after the app’s launch and they are still building their audience on this platform.

As a micro content creator, expect some of your threads to hit and others not to. If you get one or two likes or none at all, don’t let that phase you. The key is to stay on top of your game.

Because it’s still early days, not much is being posted compared to more established apps. Additionally, people are still figuring out how to use the app. That includes creating and effectively navigating it. Not even Meta has all the features figured out.

I’ve seen influencers admit to forgetting Threads exists. So it’s leaving audiences wanting more content. And you can be there to fill the gap. Show up and give as much as you can. It will go in your favour hugely. Competition at the moment is low.

One thing I’m certain about – Meta has the playbook for social media apps. So Threads is going to be huge.

You can shine

Threads is the place you get to share your personality with your audience. It’s not about selling anything or advising anybody. At this point, Threads is more about connecting and building relationships, like being down at the pub and meeting new friends. My prediction is, if you deliver energy and a big personality through your threads, you can shine.

If you think about it, there will be power in building those relationships. As I said earlier, influencers are still building their Threads’ audience. Potentially, if you are using this app regularly, they could become a part of your close social media friends list. How about that?

The power of relationships and building them will make this app incredibly important to your brand and business. Relationships are the reason being as authentic as you like will be crucial. Let your hair down. It doesn’t have to be business all the time. Share a random thought, opinion, idea – or a thread that will get people talking and wanting to know the real you. There’s a whole new audience who will discover you through Threads.

Furthermore, what’s great is, Threads is connected to Instagram. When people decide they like you, they check you out on the gram and even on Tiktok. So there’s no need to repeat content. Your story in a few words to start a new thread is fine.

So RELAX. Have fun. Threads is only a month old, so you can take risks and create content you’ve never created before. There’s time and space to do things a lot differently on Threads. Don’t hold back. Build something new and remarkable.

This is a key winning feature.


Users are underestimating the power of commenting on the Threads app. Threads are set up so that people see your replies.

When you comment on someone else content, let’s say an influencer who may only have 5 – 20 comments after five hours – not only is the OP thread creator more likely to see your reply but so will their followers AND your followers. Trust me. It looks cool when you leave an interesting and witty comment on an influencer’s thread which they have also replied to. Yes, influencers are more likely to have responded to you.

It means commenting gives you good exposure. So get in there. Replies are where the action and rewards lie. The few followers you have, may miss your original content, but they are highly likely to see your replies on a macro creator’s threads. Use this feature to your advantage to leave interesting replies to your followers’ favourite creators where appropriate. Remember, you still want to be relevant and authentic to your brand goals.

What do you think? Has any of this convinced you to download and start using the app? Or are you still a little apprehensive? Let me know why in the comments.


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