I AM NOT YOUR NEGRO … just an update

I didn’t post on the blog yesterday. Can you believe it? Just when I was seriously considering calling it The Content Marketing Daily, I miss a day. Do you know what? I have an idea. When I haven’t got those fully prepared insights that I like to kid myself you are so fond of, I’m going to post ‘just an update’ – that’s what it will be called. All that’s left is for me to remember this on taciturn days.

So to that end, let me explain what I was doing. It wasn’t that I hadn’t written anything. It was just that I felt my thoughts on an article I was trying to complete, weren’t fully formed.

Sunday and Monday I did a tad of research around the topic of diversity, equity and inclusion in marketing; research which resulted in me watching about halfway through the documentary I Am Not Your Negro based on James Baldwin’s unfinished manuscript Remember This House. I plan to watch the rest today, recommend it to you, and am watching it because I wanted James Baldwin’s thoughts and experiences to boost my own when articulating the Black perspective. The documentary is doing that job perfectly.

To provide you with some more clarity. The reason for my research is two-fold. I plan on helping brands develop enhanced marketing strategies that are diverse and exclusive. As well as, I have a few talks coming up with marketing organisations and brand on this very topic, so wish me, luck friends,

And that is it. Welcome to the end of this delicious article. Quick question, would you like to me work with you on your business to help you build brand presence and profitability? Awesome! I’ve got a fabulous Consulting package which I’m sure you will love. Click here to learn all about it and book your first session. 

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