Creating Mental, Emotional and Physical stimuli for increased Brand Attention

The Problem

Social Media Marketing is not a tick box exercise. In other words, it’s not enough to show up, creating content as though we are marking a register.

Perpetuation of the problem

Many brands get caught up in a cycle of creating content as if they are fulfiling an obligation to be present. It’s almost as though you can hear some managers say, “The experts said we should be on socials; our customers will be checking us on socials, so let’s make sure that we create a post a day.”

And surprise, surprise – neither is social media, as I have said many times on this blog, an add-on to the advertising strategy.

The reality & Possibility

Social media is a place where users gather to consume media that appeals to their interests. And they socialise digitally with other users who share the same content interests.

The truth is, social media provides an experience for users seeking emotional, physical, and emotional stimulation. As brands, we create content to fulfil this need, thus generating increased brand attention.

What to do next

However, the tick box exercise you must participate in is checking that your content plan facilitates mental, emotional, and physical stimuli for increased brand attention.

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