It’s time to Spill the Tea – Marketing Psychology

So the other day on LinkedIn, I wrote how understanding “spilling the tea” could help improve your content.

The “spilling the tea” type of content tends to trend well. But the reason I shared this concept was less about trying to trend on socials and more about understanding consumer psychology to increase your reach.

“Spilling the tea” is not a new concept. It’s storytelling, but it’s a sensationalized, gossipy, deeply personal, no holds barred style of content;

This type of storytelling and how it relates to increasing audience reach became top of my mind a few weeks back. A content creator had managed to capture my attention with her YouTube storytime videos. She shared this very personal content over a period of two or three weeks, and I didn’t miss an episode.

And again, there’s an interesting family who is being dragged through the trenches on TikTok presently. Despite my trying to ignore their content, each time it appears on my feed, I get sucked in by their unique living arrangements. I’m also intrigued by their audience’s need to give them a piece of their mind on their live shows.

I began thinking, why do I love this content? Why do people love this content? It’s the tea, I surmised. People enjoy sensationalised stories.

Knowing this doesn’t mean you suddenly have to begin a gossiping site, but it could help you create content that gets better attention. The more dramatic, unusual, and unexpected your story, the more attention you will get.

That said, never feel you must compromise your brand to get attention but being sensitive to what audiences want helps.

And a little advice – if you can spill the tea, why not. Just keep it ethical.


A Quick Notice

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