learning something new

You can’t give what you haven’t got in this game. So it helps if you get intentional about learning something new.

Otherwise, if you don’t replenish and expand your mind, what you know becomes obsolete and eventually, you run out.

With audiences who have ready access to information, it has become even more important for us to stay ahead in the game, seek out new experiences, read even more books, talk to people you wouldn’t ordinarily talk to – heck form relationships with them.

How about camping? Ever been camping? I have.

Just this weekend gone, in fact. I took my family on our first camping trip with the very intention of learning something new. Well, officially, it was glamping.

Set in the middle of the woods, our tent, quaint and large enough to sleep 6, had no wifi, no electricity; we walked to shower and cooked our meals on wood burners.

On the first night, we shared the tent with a popcorn loving mouse. Thus, we have learnt not to put food on the bottom shelf when residing in this pesky rodents natural habitat. A valuable lesson learnt, amongst others.

We had to play, eat, sleep, and work in new ways—a refreshing experience and seemingly trivial moments that will render even more significant with time.

Challenging and new events transform and renew us. We gather new information about ourselves, others and the world that edges us closer to all that we are capable of.

Experience something new so that you can give more than you gave yesterday.

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