Are you doing the right work?

Posted by - Bess Obarotimi

Are you doing the right work? Are you spending as much time as you can on the thing that matters the most to you? Could you be spending more time on it?

Listen up, friend, life waits for no women, and it’s also too short for you not to be using as much time as possible of your waking day building the dream.

Being busy is not good enough. Like it or lump it, you’ve got to be active and focused on those important activities that make the plan happen. Good news is, if it’s your vision, you’ll like it.

Another question – when was the last time you reminded yourself what those activities were supposed to be?



Close your eyes and think about where you desire to be in life. Picture all the opportunities you hope will come your way. Imagine all the projects you want to be a part of.

Open your eyes.

Are you doing the right work? No? Fix it!

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