VIDEO: How to Become a Brand with Staying Power Like Levi’s

Posted by - Bess Obarotimi

I love brands. I really do. I love excellence. I think that’s what it is. Brands embody excellence at all sorts of levels. They’re not perfect. Nothing’s perfect. But they’re excellent at some things.

Why do consumers love Levi’s brand?

What’s has intrigued me is how Levi’s has remained a robust brand since 1853. I’ve never had the privilege of owning a pair of Levi’s. Not sure if I am particularly bothered whether I own a pair now but back in the 90’s in my uni days I did desire them.

Everyone seemed to have a pair or was talking about buying a pair. The word Levi’s was pretty mucnh synonymous with the word jeans. I’ve spoken about the power of a brand to be able to own one word. And, Levi’s was pretty much at that word association back then.

Let’s face it; you are a major brand when people desire based on perception. Subconsciously I had grasped the notion that Levi’s was the only real brand of jeans worth owning. Although to my creditI  had convinced myself purchasing an inexpensive pair of Wranglers would not dent my imagined cool social status.

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There’s a kind of beauty about being a brand. The emotional connection they build with customers to me is special. Maybe I’m being ridicuously romantic about it but there’s no denying that brands demand attention. They stand out. They are in it for the long term. Brand fiends will remain loyal to you. If you are a brand you can make people feel on top of the world.

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What makes Levi’s brand special

Levi’s has epitomised what it means to wear a cool pair of jeans. It isn’t just Levi’s jeans that are cool; YOU are cool if you wear these jeans.

Content marketing strategies have included using the coolest of celebs and model poses. I’m thinking James Dean and Marilyn Monroe a bit before my time. Brad Pitt and Kate Moss who were more my time in the 80’s and the equivalent of Taylor Kitsch and Kendall Jenner now. Customer perception that Levi’s is cool has been developed with content.

Over the years many could argue that Levi’s lost a generation of jeans wearers, but their message has never altered. Being a premium brand continues to be the story Levi’s tells.

Step Forward into Growth or Step Back into Safety.

Abraham Maslow

What Levi’s have going for them is history. They were the first brand to make blue jeans and jeans for women and the 501’s continue to be their signature.

Today, you can purchase items from the Levi’s vintage line and the design is remains recognisable despite Levi’s keeping up with trends and making their jeans slimmer. ‘Established in 1853’ is branded on products reinforcing authenticity and superiority.

Social media features as a significant element of the strategy in addition to traditional methods of marketing. It’s evident that the research Levi’s has done to understand the new generation and how to spread brand messages is paying off.

Being a major jeans brands will always be in Levi’s arsenal. As long as they stay in touch with their target audience they’ll always be able to capture hearts again. Being able to stand out on on their own is their power. In truth, they don’t have competitors because their brand message is robust. Loyalists to the brand don’t stray.

What Consumers Want From Your Content is Your Stories

Bess Obarotimi

What can we learn from Levi’s brand strategy

If you look at the way Levi’s has maintained brand relevance you’ll notice that the key is to stay consistent with the message and not try to be something you’re not. Even in times where you begin to miss the mark, say as in Levi’s case where a newer generation doesn’t connect to your brand message, you can retell and distribute the message in a fresher way and stay on top for what you’re best known for.

Realise that the content you put out there is key to your brand message. Know what you want to say and who you want to say it to and how best they want to hear it.

Understand the trends. It’s a powerful game to play. But don’t lose yourself and become something you’re not. You don’t have to try too hard. You don’t want to lose your identity. Customers must have a way to identify you from the rest. Your brand strategy should inform your content strategy. Keep it simple. Maintain identity. Be authentic.

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