Life, people and culture

If you want to do great social media marketing, you should study life, people and culture.

People are intriguing, and in their everyday lives, as they come together or within their routines, they form part of a culture. And if you look carefully, your fans weave your brand into their culture in unique and specific ways.

Your brand affects the way people feel, behave and think. And understanding this will make a powerful impact on the content you create and the stories you tell.

It’s American football season love the new Pepsi campaign, that instead of making the stadium, the players or the bar, it’s making the living coach centre focus. After all, that’s where many of their fans will be; on the couch, screaming at the tv, hopefully with a can of Pepsi in their hand, making this campaign, particularly amidst COVID times, relevant and relatable.

Every interaction with your brand is significant and makes for great storytelling. Create stories that celebrate the people that your brand serves for an enhanced content experience.

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