Likes Don’t Pay: Post with Purpose

In recent months, I’ve honed in on what’s truly important – the impact I want to create. I’m moving with intent.

This clarity has transformed how I approach my content. My mission? To help people navigate the complex labyrinth of social media. And trust me, it is a labyrinth. Crafting a post is a piece of cake, but creating content that converts followers into customers? Now, that’s a different narrative entirely.

We’ve all been there, lost in the twists and turns, often misled by the allure of the ‘like’ button. Seduced by the instant gratification of likes and comments, we wait for our phones to ping – a sign that we’re liked, we’re loved.

But here’s what I’ve learned: those pings are a siren song, distracting us from our real goals. I made a conscious decision to tune them out, to focus on producing content that I believe in – content that can truly make a difference. We don’t need to conform to the norm; we can embrace our uniqueness and reach out to those who are searching for exactly what we have to offer.

Chasing likes is a trap. It made me produce content tailored to those likes. But when the intent shifts to building a brand, to crafting meaningful work, to sparking genuine conversation rather than just adding to the digital noise, the likes lose their power. You create, you share, you overlook the pings, and you get back to creating more.

Because in the end, when your intent is as clear as mine has become, you don’t just post content. You post with purpose. And that’s when you start to see real, sustainable growth – in your brand, in your audience, and most importantly, in yourself.

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