How one word will get your brand noticed.

Posted by - Bess Obarotimi

Many people struggle to understand what they need to build a personal brand using the content that they share on social media.

Some people think it’s what colour you dye your hair, or if you decide to wear a purple item of clothing each time. All of that equates to brand identity. I hope a lot of you reading this are aware of that. If so, keep reading.

Not knowing what the fundamental principles are to brand development and how they translate through your content will leave you frustrated.

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People believe that because a lot of people know them on social media they are a brand. A lot of people know General Electric, but they are not a brand. GE is successful due to having weaker competitors, but its scope is too broad to be a brand.

Brands are associated with one word
Victoria Beckham – Class
David Beckham – Sexiness
Beyonce – Queen
Lady Gaga – Eccentricity (Although I believe she may be reinventing herself)
Black and Decker – Drills

You are only a brand if people can associate you with one word.

Beyonce began in the all-girl group, Destiny’s Child. I never knew any of their names in that group. And even if I did, it was a girl group, and I had no reason to distinguish her from the rest.

After a few years the group parted ways, Beyonce went on a deliberate mission to transform herself by telling her fans, through her music, she was a powerful, influential woman. More than wearing a particular hairstyle for identity; her style, her songs, her persona communicated to her fans that she was the Queen.

You are only a brand if people can associate you with one word.
Bess Obarotimi

When she had made sure she was recognised for one word, her fans began to adore her. There’s only one queen. No one can compete with the queen.

After successfully establishing her personal brand, Beyonce expanded. She began to bring her family into the picture. She went on tours with her husband. She became an advocate for feminism. She used her music to be a political voice. She stood out to her fans from everyone else doing these things because her brand said it was the Queen who was doing these things.

Beyonce as the Queen will always stay in the mind of her fans.
This is the best advice you will get when using content to build a brand – Give your business leverage by being recognised for one word. Build a name for your brand. So don’t just read this article, implement the techniques.
Choose one word you want your brand to be associated with. Understand how you are going to create content that communicates to your fans what that word is.
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I honestly hope this blog post gets you thinking about that one word you want your audience to associate you with. You will see a massive difference in the way your audience engages with you. You’ll also see an increase in the number of your followers that you convert to customers.


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