Win Over Fans with Powerful Content

How to Have an Effect on Fans

I don’t think your content has to be perfect, but if it has meaning, it will be successful. Powerful content aims to achieve one of 3 goals. By now you may have heard me say them, but I am going to keep repeating them until you get it and I see it in your content. Here are the three goals – your content must (i)inspire, (ii)educate and or (iii)entertain. Make me better, teach me something new, make me laugh or cry, and you’ve got my attention. This premise rings true for every fan you are trying to reach. Powerful content will have an effect on your audience.

Create Content That Works on its Own

Powerful Content

If you get content creation right, you don’t have to go around sending messages to people who aren’t your target market asking them to like your content. I say this because you DM¬†me¬†asking for likes. I’m not trying to embarrass anyone. I’m genuinely trying to help you create content that works on its own.

To not focus on creating content that has purpose penalises your business and your brand. When your content has no ‘why’ it fails to appeal to your target audience, and you don’t achieve your goals.

How You Get Results on Your Content

Powerful Content

On the other hand, when our content doesn’t perform as well as we had hoped it’s not time to get down on yourself. First of all, figure out if it meets your ‘why’. Also, be in tune with who your customers are and their content needs and wants. You can only get results if you give your audience the content they require and or desire.


Powerful Content

Today, create one item of content that either provides valuable knowledge, inspires or entertains. If you can do all three of these types of content, even better.

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