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We’re stuck on making things look nice, saying the right things, being safe and getting the likes. We create what everyone understands, everyone has seen before, and what is expected. So nothing is new, and the danger is nobody remembers us. There’s no reason to.

There was no reason to remember you in the beginning. Nobody woke up, got on their phone, and actively looked for a brand to remember. They were looking for help; a word of advice, a beautiful picture, some inspiration, something to make them laugh but not necessarily to remember anyone behind the content.

So we have to give our fans something memorable. Our job as brand managers, designers, and marketers is to find a way for our customers to care about what we create and recognise it as ours; unique to our brand.

And that’s the critical thing. Customers must care first and then associate it as being uniquely ours. As brand managers, designers, and marketers, one approach is to tell the same message in a new way. It’s good for you, or easy for you, or faster for you- these are messages consumers have heard before.

Even when you have an invention, no one gives you attention until you give them a reason to.

Think back to when inventors were building the motor car. These days, if you have a car, you’ll drive it to the supermarket midweek after work because you’ve run out of tomato ketchup for dinner. Your vehicle makes running errands convenient for you.

But when Henry Ford had the idea of designing affordable and well-built cars for convenience, consumers didn’t take him seriously. When the first Ford cars were built, people, including other manufacturers, could not see a car for anything more than a toy, to be raced, or to be owned by rich people. Consequently, not enough people were motivated into buying a car. It wasn’t for them, so they couldn’t care enough.

But Henry genuinely cared about making cars for everyday people. Not expensive or fast cars but cars that would make life easy. And it wasn’t enough to tell people that, so he began creating cars that the everyday person would care about. He made them affordable. He invented the assembly line to produce cars quicker and cheaper but still of good quality. He knew his customers. And part of his whole idea was service; caring.

And we can apply this notion to our social media marketing. When everybody follows the trends and recreates the same content that worked before, we must find a new aspect that our customer cares about, but no one else is talking about.

When a brand cares and comes with their truth, unafraid and in a big way, doing something new for the market, the market hopeful says, “Hey, that’s new. Let see what it is about!” And hopefully, the market likes it. But definitely, the brand increases the chance someone cares.

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