When we see ourselves as experts

You may have read the post that I shared on LinkedIn this morning, where I spoke about organisations needing external agencies likes ours to help them build their digital brand presence. Within that post, I used the word expertise. And I was conflicted. Not because our team doesn’t have strong social media insight and experience, but because in business, there’s a chance we can get complacent when we see ourselves as experts. You know how it is – we’ve been there, done that, and we develop a ‘we know it all mindset.

Our aim as an agency is always to go beyond content creation for the sake of it. We’re interested in creating unique experiences for our audiences. And when that’s the goal, when experience is the goal, there’s always scope to do better than we’ve before.

Technology is changing so fast. And to us, it’s exciting. What with Blockchains, NFTs, Bitcoin and Metaverse, the world of social media as we know it is about to transform. And as much as the landscape is evolving, we want to stay abreast so we’ll never be satisfied with being the expert. We will always want to go beyond what we did yesterday.

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