Run your Facebook Page like Cristiano Ronaldo: 3 ways to boost your Facebook branding today

Brand engagement is about impacting the way people feel, think and believe about your product. Done correctly and you gain strength in the marketplace.

Currently footballer Cristiano Ronaldo has just under 90 million Likes. His engagement is through the roof. He was recently voted by Facebook as one of the top 25 facebook pages. And the tactics he uses are so simple, you can do them too. So lets turbocharge your branding with these 3 top tips.

1. Nothing but Love

There’s a lot of love going on at the Cristiano Ronaldo Page. Pictures of him hugging team mates. Playing with younger fans. Posts about days out with his son. He shows us, he is not a lone ranger and builds a sense of community.

Create a positive community that your fans love to be a part of. Show them the things that matter to you most. Spread masses of love.

2. I know him so well

Yes, that’s the title of Barbara Dickson and Elaine Paige’s number one hit, but it’s also thy way many of Ronaldo’s fans who interact on his page will feel about him. He shares a lot of what is going on his personal life. They feel they know and can trust him.

Trust is why customers will buy into you. Show your fans what goes on in your life so they can get to know you.

3. This is what I care about

Subconsciously, Ronaldo’s fans will be thinking “This is what I care about” when they read his posts. He has successfully built an emotional connection by posting things that his fans care about. There are more posts that emotional connect, such as charity work, having fun, motivational posters, free gifts and contests in comparison to Ronaldo selling them something.

Make a connection with your fans. Learn to genuinely care about them. Take a stand on something that matters to you and let them know it. What you believe in can inspire your fans.

Tweet: Gain an emotional connection with followers and watch your brand engagement skyrocket!

To help you achieve the same key strategies I have broken it down into 4 simple steps. Download my How to BRAND through your Facebook Page guide here >>

Share in the comments your biggest challenge when implementing a brand strategy on Facebook?

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