Should brands follow social media trends?

You’ll find content creators and brands that start trends, many that follow along and some that do a bit of both. There are also brands that prefer to stay clear away, carving their own identity from scratch.

It’s really up to you which method you choose to adopt. Of course, the ideal would be to establish yourself as a trendsetter. But plenty of brands have loyal fans based on unique brand content.

However, jumping on existing trends certainly helps attract new audiences, and they can always be tailored to your brand story.

As a new brand, if you need help to reach your intended audience, I recommend finding trends you can hop on to help give your brand a kickstart.

You can spot social media trends because you’ll notice a few creators recreating the same content and using the same sounds. As soon as you find one, you can save them for later. Brainstorm with your team how you can recreate them but keep your brand story.


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