Social media audiences will not care until you do this

Social media audiences will not care unless you do this.

Sometimes people do not see results because they lack commitment.

To be honest, it’s most times.

Most times, people have not made up their minds to put in the work necessary to create remarkable content for a sustained period of time.

They begin with great ideas, full of excitement, and the initial execution is full of enthusiasm, but soon, they lose pace before they’ve gotten anywhere. I see so many pages still in existence where people have given up. Great business but their last post was in 2019. Some page owners have a good reason to set aside business ventures. The truth is many more have given up.

It takes time. It also takes passion. Using social media to build your brand is not a hobby. I have spoken to too many people who behave as if they are using socials to build something but will tell me it’s a way to pass the time. They are either lying to me or themselves. Either way, it’s a shame to see.

Building your brand and influence on socials is not something you do to fritter away time. Competition is high and influencers go to great lengths to deliver worthwhile content to their audience. And audiences can tell who’s excited and who puts in the work. And they’ll hit the like button when they see it.

If audiences are not hitting the like button on your content and you are not experiencing progress, it may mean you need to step up your game.

It’s a two way deal. The energy that fuels your content is the energy your audience feeds off. Social media audiences will not care until you put a lot of attention into creating great content.

It’s tough. It will always be tough to build great things. It will take sweat from you, but you’ve got to remember the end goal and treat content as a service not a quick money maker.

If you are enthusiastic about building your community on social media, take it or leave it you will face challenges. But if you are focused on creating great work you’ll also enjoy it. You’ll enjoy the work and undoubtedly enjoy the reward of recognition from your audiences.

You have to be all in when you aim to bring more awareness to your brand. There are no half-measures. Be confident in what you have to offer. Take your idea, and fully commit to bringing your passion to others.

You will succeed in building social media influence because you have a great idea you believe in and share eagerly on every single platform in a creative way. And your audience who feels your love and commitment will buy into you.

And the passion you put in will keep you going with your idea. And that’s what you need – to keep going with the idea because then you can gain traction for your idea to spread.

Ideas spreading are key to building social media communities.

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