Sorry, I don’t understand

You assume I know because it’s simple. When you explain an enlightening concept to me, you expect me to grasp it. After all, it’s straightforward, and it makes sense to you. But when I say, “Sorry, I don’t understand. Can you explain further?” You make an inaudible tut and say to yourself, “Is she stupid?” Ever been on the receiving end of that tut?

You see, as you’re explaining your wonderful concept to me, you have lived the experience. And as you tell it, you walk through vivid imagery in your mind. It’s so explicit to you and simple; unintentionally, you miss out on some essential details in your description that would have made it easier for me to grasp what you mean. In your enthusiasm, you didn’t realise this, and you also didn’t realise that I couldn’t see those pictures in your mind.

The same thing is happening to your audience. You say something you think the audience should understand in your marketing because it makes sense to you. But alas, the audience does not get it and consequently do not care.

Take a step back; listen more than you talk; ask the audience questions – simple surveys, short but often will do the trick.

Learn to study and test the data week.

A good exercise is to forget the marketing and be a customer. You know, spend a day in their shoes, and discover what the blanks are so that you can fill them.

I highly recommend you do all these today if something is not working.

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