Always Telling The Truth

When you tell the truth, you allow your audience to decide whether they like you or not. There’s no use in trying to appeal to a mass audience; being liked by everyone is safe. It means you’re ok; palatable but not scrumptious; we like the brand, but no one loves you; a cog in the wheel instead of the main driver.

Telling the truth is a risk because you voice opinions others are too afraid to share. But we rejoice at the leaders who take the stand to discuss the thoughts we can’t articulate and address issues that deeply affect us; we yearn for the solutions they offer us. They are influential, and we admire them for it.

The truth is liberating. Telling the truth is also a chance you take, knowing that your audience can reject you because rarely will everyone like you. Yet, there will be a 1000 loyal fans who will applaud you for your courage. Your tenacity will inspire them. You’ll have been audacious in speaking for the people, standing for the minority, showing that you care and leading them in a better way.

Please don’t play it safe. People are waiting for leaders who are ready, always, to tell the truth. Telling the truth empowers your brand to be seen and heard. We trust brands who tell the truth.

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