The Fans Vs. The Content

The Fans Vs. The Content – which do you think is more important?

Well, neither, actually. That is to say, that you can’t consider one without the other.

Take, for example, Victoria Beckham. The former member of the Spice Girls, a UK girl band from the 80s and now a highly regarded fashion designer has many Instagram fans. But only a tiny fraction of those fans likely make a regular, if at all, purchase of her high-end, eponymous fashion label.

It’s not a problem for Victoria Beckham. She sells a premium product that appeals to a small niche high net worth segment of the market. Most of her loyal fans, I would imagine, stem from her pop singing days. But the fashion designer is a classic example of the number of fans you have does not relate to how many sales you will make. So in the battle of The Fans Vs. The Content  – the number of fans isn’t more important.

Now let’s take a look at Curtis ’50 Cent’ Jackson. Well, you can take a look at his Instagram page in your spare time. But when you go to his page, you may or may not like his content. If you really like the content, you are most likely one of 50 cent’s super fans. If not, he doesn’t care and will tell you so. And his fans will rally up behind him when he does.

Of all the content creators, 50 Cent, whether for the big screen, the radio waves or social media, is particular about who his content is for, and he never sways to the left or the right. He is an expert at understanding what content his ideal fans want.

Similarly, spending time trying to ‘hack’ content; creating a popular type of content to get the most likes from as many people as possible runs the risk of weakening the brand message and not appealing to your strongest and most loyal fans.

Counting the number of fans you have or creating content for likes is not the way to build an influential brand.

However, let’s get one thing straight. The fans are important but you must be specific about who they are and create the best type of content for them only. And then, if we have the right product, correctly priced, we will be able to build a profitable business around them.

So, The Fans Vs. The Content, it’s a draw.

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