The Magic Formula

You’ll pull your hair out trying to find the magic formula, secret spell, or hidden truth to attract fans towards your brand on socials. That’s because there is none.

You’ve seen it yourself. Kids who were just having fun creating content. After it was published, they never gave the content a second thought. And then what happened? It went VIRAL!

“It took 30 mins to come up with the idea and record,” they’ll tell you. “And after I uploaded, I completely forget about it” they’ll laugh.

However, they coolly share, the next day, when they woke up, their phone was too hot to handle because it was blowing up from Twitter retweets and messages. They were getting hunted down by friends and family, all telling them that the forgotten content had gone viral.

It’s insane. We spend hour-long boardroom meetings, some of you every day for weeks, debating, content copy, colours and messaging. And these kids create content, forget about it, and the whole world decides it needs to trend. And according to the creator, viral content was never the intention.

There’s no magic formula. More often than not, brands overthink the process of content creation, driving traffic and converting fans.

Contrarily, they massively underthink the basic principles of creating great content experiences where whether you use blue or yellow will never be remembered. But that you had me in hysterics sharing your content and tagging my friends will be significant for about 5 minutes of my life. Which, if you don’t know, 5 minutes is a long time by social media standards.

And, that’s what it is about – the experience. Your fans are in it for the experience. How your content makes the customer feel is what matters.

Customers love buying. There’s no question about that. But customers seek brands that add to their days, not subtract from their wallets on social media.

So do that. Think like your customer; Create content that they care about and keep coming back to consume.

Yes, sure, you’re at an advantage because you understand marketing theory, consumer behaviour and study the historical data, but there’s no magic formula, just a willingness to make fans happy.

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