The Shocking Truth About Your Content


Yesterday afternoon I was thinking about today’s video content. And I thought I’d tell everyone about what I wrote in my first chapter of the book I mentioned in the last video.

So let me tell you. I wrote a bit of a back story on my journey towards becoming a content marketing strategist. This back story is something that I have already shared in my previous video. Now, I thought about asking you guys whether the back story was necessary. Actually, tell me what you think. Tell me whether my book on Content Strategy for a product launch needs a back story. Anyway, as I said, yesterday I was thinking about creating this content and asking you the question. And, as I’m thinking, I’m excited, and I’m so sure everyone is going to love engaging in that question.

Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters.

Margaret Wheatley

The Shocking Truth About Your Content

To clarify, I’ve shared what I was pondering, and I’ve asked the question, and I’ve told you about my enthusiasm about asking the questions. Although as soon as I did all this, I also remembered something – nobody cares.

Nobody cares about your content as much as you do.

Bess Obarotimi

One thing I have learnt about content marketing; nobody truly cares about your content as much as they do their own. On the whole I’ve never been able to predict which will work. In fact, I’ve always predicted the opposite.

The conversations that I’ve thought would perform poorly have done the best. In the same way, the pictures that I’ve not quite liked but shared anyway have received the most engagement. On the other hand, the images I’ve loved have been the ones everyone appears not to. Am I the only one it happens to?

I have since learnt not to predict content performance but be comfortable with simply speaking my truth. You must share content not because you want people to comment or share because that’s what you get out of it. Likes and comments are for you. They satisfy your need. Share content because you genuinely feel as though it could make an impact. It could change minds or help people to be better. Create products and content that serve others fuelled a desire to make a difference.

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