Toast: A Lesson in Work Ethic


That’s the title of a popular song. No, not the one by Chas and Dave. Another one. I’ve heard it playing at every birthday party and wedding reception I’ve attended in at least the past six months.

Despite the apparent accent of the singer I keep mistaking it for Afro beats.

The singers’ name is Koffee. And the video is set in rural Jamaica.

I was forced to look up the video on YouTube a few mornings ago. While getting ready to take my daughter on the school run, I had begun randomly singing the song. Well, not so randomly. I remember hearing it being used as a backing track to someone ‘s Instagram stories not so long before, that same morning.

“Vee. What are the words to this song!” Vee’s my daughter. It was time to resolve the pretence at being familiar with the song I’d been making, while on the dance floor all those times.

“No, Mum. I am not telling you the words. You’ll never stop singing it!”

Never mind. Google always helps in situations like this.

Using the few words I knew from the song, I quickly found what I wanted. Even better, all the words were included in the description box. I suppose quite necessary all things considering. Koffee sings with a Jamaican accent.

What was interesting was how unpretentious everything about the video was. I also realised that Koffee was not a huge artist and this song had probably helped put her on the map.

That one song; the masterpiece painting; a timely piece of content – you can never tell which of your works will finally get you recognised.  So keep going. Keep creating for your audience because one day it will resonate with more people than you could have imagined.

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